Thursday, 11 July 2013

Essence Shimmer Pearls and My Go To Summer Make Up

It's been a long time since the last time I purchased limited edition products from the drugstore. But one evening after work, I was browsing in the drugstore and spotted an entire display of the latest Essence limited edition "Me and My Ice Cream", new and untouched.
There was no tester at the display so I blindly picked up the shimmer pearls and cream blush out of curiosity.

The shimmer pearls come in a plastic pot with a cute design printed on the lid. The packaging does look a bit too childish in my opinion, but I have never had shimmer pearls before so I was very curious to try it out.

The shimmer pearls together appear kind of translucent on the skin. It contains micro glitters but they are very subtle and barely visible on the face. As the shimmer is very subtle, it is safe to use it as all over finishing powder. I must say, I didn't really get the purpose of these shimmer pearls. They give nice glow and mattifying finish to the face but that finish can be achieved using just plain mattifying powder. They are also not 'shimmering' enough to be used as highlighter. 
Maybe it is only me who didn't really get it. Any of you have suggestion on how to use this kind of shimmer pearls?

oh and btw, here is my go to summer make up, and I used this shimmer pearls as 'all over powder'.

Have a nice day, everyone!


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