Monday, 29 July 2013

Catrice Pure Shine Color Lip Balm

Another beauty brand that jumps on the chubby stick band wagon ; Catrice. As a general fan of Catrice product and also this new chubby stick hype, I was surprised and excited when I found this new line of lipstick-balm-in pen form on my local drugstore as the press release said it won't be out till August. There were only 4 shades available at that moment ( the press release said 8 ) and I decided on this redish shade ; I don't Red It.

The new pure shine color lip balm from Catrice comes in a packaging that looks very very similar to the one from Clinique. The material of the packaging though, feels a bit different on my hands. The one from Clinique feels heavier and more sturdy while the one from Catrice feels more plasticky. But I don't see it as a minus point since the one from Catrice costs only 4,99€ while the Clinique one costs 19,99€.

I don't Red It is a sheer tomato red with glossy-balmy finish. The texture is very balmy and moisturizing and more similar to the chubby stick one, if I compare it with another version from Astor which is more similar to Revlon Lip Butter. 
The pigmentation is sheer to medium but I like to apply it sheer as it looks more natural and pretty. It looks like my lips are naturally plump and red. 
It applies very easy and glides on smoothly on the lips. It doesn't accentuate the lip lines as well.

The staying power is okay, around 2 -3 hours with no major eating. I am very happy with this new trend as they are easy to apply, looks natural on the lips and cause no fuss especially on hot summer months.
Good job, Catrice!


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