Monday, 6 August 2012

KIKO Blooming Eyeshadow Palette - Misty Greens

To be honest, I am so easily drawn on pretty, whimsical and cute packaging ( who doesn't, right?) . It happens quite often that I bought stuffs only because they have pretty packaging, and I just did another 'based on packaging' purchase ; an eye shadow palette from KIKO. To justify it even more, it was 50% off :p

Look at the white palette and the artsy design, so pretty isn't it? It also comes with a white velvet pouch.

I am usually only wear neutrals on my eyes, but this eye shadow palette has 5 shades of green that are pretty and wearable. The color selection is really nice, it has 3 shimmer and 2 matte shades. The pigmentation is not amazing but still okay. The texture is smooth, velvety and not dusty. The staying power, if you wear base underneath is fine, but without base, this palette barely give any color, so a good eye shadow base / primer is a must.

Overall, it's not an amazing product as far as the quality goes, but if you like pretty and nice packaging, this eye shadow palette ( was 13,80€ discounted to 6,90€ ) is a nice addition to your collection.


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