Thursday, 23 August 2012

London Trip Photos and Haul!

Do you believe that dreams do come true? I do. And one of my biggest dream ever has just come true last week. 
I am a huge fan of Manchester United FC, and also England in general. I love The Royal , I love british accent, I love british football, I love their high tea tradition, I love the fashion scene, I love almost everything about England. Since I was a little girl, I dreamt that one day I would visit London and Manchester.
Last week, my dream came true. I finally managed to treat myself a vacation to London and Manchester. As I always know, I LOVE London so much!! ( Manchester as a city was not as vibrant as London, but the football stadium was amazing )

Let me show you some pictures ;)

Let me start with my hideous photo with Mr. Beckham . lol 

 According to some Harry Potter's Fansites, this sweetshop is the inspiration for Honeydukes. The store is in Leicester Square, and it is really a nice shop. The shop assistants are all so friendly and helpful. Recommended.

Now, lets go to the haul part! :-D

I know I know, please don't judge. We only live once, don't we? ;p

I am now working on some indepth reviews on each product I bought, but of course it takes time for me to try on and build my opinion on each product. So, please be patient :))

Overall, I really enjoyed my trip and I am planning to come back there to London maybe in October or November ;)

Have you ever visited London?

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