Monday, 9 November 2015

Velvet Plum

Okay, I am actually on a lipstick ban. But, as my self control is barely there, of course I broke the ban! lol.
I was accompanying my friend on a shopping day and she wanted to pick up her Tom Ford perfume at Tom Ford counter. And what did a good friend do? Of course I browsed around too xD. I ended up swatching the matte lipsticks frantically. I was so close to get the shade ; Pussycat but decided it was 'too' ordinary so I opted for Velvet Plum instead. 

Tom Ford matte lipstick comes in the same square-ish bullet like the regular lipstick range. The packaging is luxurious, I think most of us agree that the packaging alone is almost worth to get. 

The shade Velvet Plum is a bold magenta shade. It's bordering fuchsia though, but the purple hint is potent enough for me to like it. The shade has a brightening effect that lights up my whole complexion every time I have it on. 

Speaking about the formula, Tom Ford Velvet Plum is full coverage matte lipstick. It glides on smoothly on the lips and feels very comfortable on the lips. It doesn't dry out despite of the matte finish and doesn't enhance my lip lines. Tom Ford describes it to be velvet matte, which is a spot on description. It's not full on matte like those mattes from MAC , so it's a really good alternative if you have dry lips. The texture is richly pigmented and creamy, and I don't experience any tugging or dragging during application. However, I do feel like the bolder shades tend to bleed or feather, so a lip liner is a must ( I tried the lighter shades at the counter and didn't experience the issue ). I didn't get any fancy lip liner though, just use a similar color lip liner that I have from Kiko and it works well. 

The lipstick is long wearing too. I got to ca. 6 hour mark with no problem. It does stain the lips , so I need to use oil based make up remover to thoroughly remove it by the end of the day. It's vanilla scented but I don't notice any potent scent. It's barely recognisable though.

Overall, I think this one is a justified splurge. The whole package is just lovely. I have my eyes on the Plum Lush and the Pussycat even though I thought Pussycat is rather 'ordinary' but it will make a nice every day shade. Oh but I'm on a lipstick ban, ain't I? xD


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