Friday, 6 November 2015

H&M Beauty Eye Shadow Pencils

H&M just launched a new beauty line which has been receiving a lot of positive reviews among the beauty community. So I gave the store  a visit and got myself some products from the line to try out. The entire concept is clean cut, sleek and pretty. After doing some swatches etc, I went home with the eye shadow pencils, velvet lip creams, and 1 powder blush. I'm going to talk about the products that stood out the most, the eye shadow pencils.

H&M Eye Shadow Stick in Oxidise

They surprisingly have a wide selection of colors ranging from matte too shimmery / metallic. I ended up with 3 shades ( 2 mattes and 1 shimmery / satin ). Predictably, all the shades I picked are brown and copper xD.

Cordoba ; My favorite shade from the lot, it's a matte milk chocolate brown. It has a slight red hint once applied, very nice autumn shade and without being too much red / orange.

Oxidize ; a burgundy / copper shade with very fine gold shimmer. It's very similar to Rimmel Scandalous chubby eye shadow pencil in Bad Girl Bronze. 

Brownstone ; a matte dark brown. 

The eye shadow pencils come in a similar form to NYX Jumbo Eye Shadow Stick, they're not retractable so you always need to sharpen them. And you need a special jumbo stick sharpener as they won't fit into regular pencil sharpener. 

Texture wise, they're so creamy dreamy but not slippery. They don't set directly upon application so you will still have time to blend them. Once they're set, they don't budge and don't smudge even on my oily lids with no eye shadow primer. They dried up to a nice finish that can be a good base for powder eye shadow too if you'd like to wear them as base. I personally like to wear them solo on the lids. Despite of the matte finish ( Cordoba and Brownstone ), they don't appear dull on the lids.

I didn't expect much when I bought these eye shadow sticks. They seemed promising when I swatched them at the store, but still for €4,95 each,  I didn't set my expectation high. Fortunately, they exceeded my expectations. They are absolutely excellent! They need more love!! xD

Overall, I will definitely get more shades and will urge anyone of you who have access to H&M beauty line, to give these eye shadow sticks a try. They're uh-mah-zing!!


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