Friday, 20 November 2015

Guerlain Meteorites Christmas Collection

Holiday season is my favourite time of the year, yet the least favourite time of year as long as the financial balance is concerned xD. All those beauty brands releasing holiday collection is just too irresistible and for someone like me, with barely there self control, it's financial catastrophe. 
You may have seen this particular limited edition  meteorites from Guerlain. It's everywhere, yet it was really difficult to get - at least in Germany. I had to go to 5 different stores with no success, it was sold out online within few hours, so I was really gutted and almost lost hope when I finally found it still available at , then I realised I had 10€ voucher from the website I hadn't yet used. It was a big win for me in the end woohoo!

First of all, I'm gonna admit that I got this meteorites only because of the packaging. I didn't really care whether the meteorites would work for my combination skin. I hadn't tried any meteorites prior to this one, but with that dreamy packaging how could I say no?

The first time I tried it, as a light finishing powder, I was positively surprised. I didn't expect it to have a 'blurring effect'. I thought it would be too shimmery for my combination skin. But it is not shimmery at all. The finish is definitely not mattifying but you don't have to worry about turning into disco ball either. Combined with demi matte or matte foundation, it will give the complexion a 'hint of life' xD. I haven't yet tried it with dewy or luminous foundation as I am worried it will be too luminous for my liking. But with demi matte or matte foundation , it works really well.

The meteorite balls are magic balls indeed. I swipe my fluffy powder blush for more light application then dust it all over the face. It gives instant brightening effect to my skin which is very much needed during colder months. If you're afraid of the glitters, don't worry because they don't really transfer onto the skin. Well, if I really zoom in my skin, I can see very very fine glitter particles but they don't bother me at all. In fact, they help enhancing my complexion.  I didn't expect to like it, but I've been reaching for it quite a lot. 

If you expect to use it as cheek highlighter, you might get disappointed though because it will not show up really well. It is once again very subtle.

Talking about the packaging, OMG how not to love? The balls ( including star shaped ones which Guerlain insists to call them as snow flakes xD ) are housed inside a ethereal snow globe like container. I appreciate the fact that the container - despite of its round shape , has flattened bottom , so it will sit nicely on a flat surface. Just looking at it sitting nicely on my dressing table brings the inner joy out of me xD

Have you bought anything from the holiday collection?

PS : Sorry for the lack of update, have been busy with my final thesis as the deadline is getting near :O

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