Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

After my 5 month stay in Jakarta, I came back to Berlin facing an extreme weather change. From scorching hot humid Jakarta to dry breezy autumn in Berlin. My skin started to annoy the hell out of me plus the 20 hour flight I had behind was not helping either. No matter what foundation I applied, it turned out accentuating all dry patches and bums I seemed to develop within the 1st week in Berlin. I slaughtered moisturiser beforehand but none really worked. So I decided to give Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream a try. I remember having a small sample of it and found it too 'rich' for my liking. But 'rich' was what I needed at the moment, so there it went into my shopping cart.

I was wearing Covergirl Outlast 3in1 Foundation + Magic Cream in this pict

Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream comes in a heavy duty glass jar. The jar is well made and sturdy but is definitely not travel friendly due to its weight. But you can always depot it to a small container though. 

The cream itself has rich but lightweight texture. It sinks into the skin quickly and doesn't leave oily residue. I must say that this cream does have a slight old fashioned Vaseline feel to it, only creamier and airier. Once applied, my skin instantly looked better and brighter. For the picture above, I applied Covergirl 3in1 Stay Outlast Foundation over the cream and together they looked great. The glow is visible on the picture, right? That might not be anything groundbreaking if my skin was not acting up like cray cray. But at that time, achieving that finish was a struggle so I was very very happy with the performance of this Magic Cream. During that period of time, this Magic Cream didn't make my combination skin looking oily at all. I did need to blot a wee bit more often but that's okay as I always touch up regularly anyway. But now that my skin is back to its 'normal' state, I do need to be careful with this cream as it is a slight too rich for my combination skin. 

So I usually apply a very little amount of the cream and avoid the Tzone area. Then I combine it with matte - satin finish foundation to tone down the glowiness. It works great in autumn / winter as my skin is more problematic during the season. But I can't imagine using it in summer as it is going to make my skin looking oily very fast.

Whether it's worth the €90 price tag, I don't think so. I was lucky I had a voucher I could spend so it didn't hurt my wallet too bad. The cream is very expensive but you do get a lot of product as you only need a tiny bit of product for every use. I sometimes use it as overnight mask and it works well too. I will wake up with a moist and suppled skin the next morning. This is not a bad product and I can understand why it gets hyped and loved by a lot of people but I can't see myself repurchasing it for the price. 


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