Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Diorblush Cheek Stick in Cosmopolite Rosewood

I've been eyeing this cream blush / cheek stick from Dior since the first time I saw the press release. When it's finally launched, I was hesitated because the reviews have been mixed. Some people love it some don't really recommend it. So I didn't get it right away, but when I was having 3 hour transfer at Charles de Gaule airport - Paris, I was browsing at the duty free ( sure thing! ) and spotted the cheekstick for only €24. I couldn't say no.

PS : I applied heavy handedly for pict purpose

Diorblush Cheek Stick comes in a chubby retractable bullet. I like the cute chubby short bullet and the design as well. Actually the packaging was the first thing that attracted me and made me want to get it. 

There are 3 shades available and based on swatches I saw online, and the one I did at DIOR Counter, I decided to go with Cosmopolite Rosewood. The color Cosmopolite Rosewood is not a rosewood shade at all if I may say so. I feel like the shade is more a peachy coral rather than a rosewood which is supposed to be warmer and less vibrant I guess.

On the negative reviews that I read about this blush stick, most people find it difficult to blend and too pigmented. Upon first application, I literally had to wipe up the blush from my cheeks because it was impossible to blend. I swiped a very light swipe on my cheeks and it was already very bold and blotchy. I tried beauty blender , my hands, make up sponge, blush brush, anything but nothing worked. I tried to swatch it on my hands and blend it using all techniques that I know, but also it didn't work. So I was very disappointed and this blush stick just stayed untouched on my dressing table for awhile. Until I finally realised I had not given Real Techniques Stippling brush a try, so I did and it worked!!! I didn't dot or swipe the blush on my cheeks ( lesson learned xD ), but instead I swipe the RT stippling brush on its surface and start applying it on my cheeks using circular motion. And voila it worked! And the colour is so pretty too! The RT stippling brush gives me a nice control and it's easier to not going overboard with this blush as it is very pigmented. It applies smoothly and the finish is dewy and so pretty! 

The cream blush stays on pretty well too. It really sticks on the cheeks for hours. LOL. I got 7-8 hour solid wear which is great considering I didn't set it with powder blush. 

One thing I like the most about this blush and this particular shade is that it makes me look more fresh and younger. My friend told me I looked less antagonist LOL when I wore this blush ( with the application shown on picture ) on the centre of the apple of my cheeks. I personally like it when blush is applied there, but not all blushes can look good when applied that way as some will make you end up looking with 2 round blotches on the centre of your face xD.

Overall, I am happy I finally found a way to make it work. 


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