Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Bigger than BB - Big Easy

It was another impulsive purchase of mine during my lunch break.. Benefit had a huge display of this BB cream and as foundation junkie I just had to give it a try..

The benebabe ( cute how they call their BAs, right? ) applied shade #02 and #03 on my face and we both agreed that #03 suited me better. It swatched darker on my arm but appeared lighter on my face. The benebabe said that this BB cream is color adjusting ( which I find a bit weird as they have 6 shades..if it is color adjusting , then why having 6 shades? ) well anyway, I find that despite of the distinct yellow undertone, the color matched my complexion well. 

The BB cream has thick creamy consistency.  It applies smoothly though, I find it perfect applied with beauty blender as brush application could get streaky. To be honest, I was a bit confused why I bought it as I don't really like it.. I remember it looked very nice at the counter ( ablame the lighting I guess ), but I was not pleased when I tried it the next few days..
I find that it doesn't apply smoothly, and feels heavy.  The coverage is decent but it gives me a dull matte- mask like finish, unflattering. My skin looks uneven, and it accentuate blemishes/milias/pores instead of blurring it.
The oil control is also rather average despite of the matte finish. Writing this review, I questioned myself what was I thinking when I bought it -___-.
one good thing is that this Bb cream has SPF 35 which is high for western brand. 
Benefit claims it to be lightweight, smoothing the complexion, blurring imperfections and having great oil control which I have to say, I experience all the opposites. There are mixed reviews on the internet but mostly say this BB cream is rather average. I wished I read the reviews first before wasting €38 on this T.T

ps : I'm back from holiday and now suffering a post holiday syndrome , I will post my holiday haul that is successfully ruined my financial balance soon :-)


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