Friday, 16 May 2014

Kanebo Kate Cream Cheek

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack update! I am currently at home in Jakarta since the 7th of May and the internet connection here is desperately slow and I am constantly busy here so hence the lack of update xD..

I extra requested for Sharlynn from Theblackmentosbeautybox to get me this cream blush from Kate in our second swap and she did! I have tried few Kate products and have been happy with them so far.. And I've been in a creme blush frenzy so let's have a look on how this performs!

The cream blush from Kate is surprisingly tiny! It comes in a tiny glass jar , the size of gel eyeliner from Maybelline if you're familiar with it. I don't have any issue with the packaging as it is compact and cute. The surface is big enough for Real Technique stippling brush despite of the small size.
Sharlynn picked up shade number PK-4 for me. There are 4 shades available and based on my research on the internet, PK-4 is actually the brightest shade amongst all, so it surprised me a bit to see how 'soft' it actually is. PK-4 is a soft rosy pink shade with no shimmer. It is such a beautiful color and I don't own similar shade on my stash. 
The texture is cream to powder and a bit mousse-y. It applies sheer so layering is a must if you want the color to show up. But there is something in the formula that makes it never look too much no matter how many layers I apply on the cheeks, which is a good thing. 
I usually dab some on the cheeks and blend it using Real Techniques stippling brush. It blends easily and provides a very nice soft flush on the cheeks. Because of the powdery finish, it makes a great base for powder blush if you desire longer staying power. I really like how soft and tender it appears both on the cheeks and on the lips. Even though this cream blush is not marketed as a cheeks and lips product, I find it working well on the lips. It is matte and drying though because of the texture, but over a good lip balm, it can perform well. 

The only downside is the poor staying power. I find the need to touch up after 3-4 hours which is kind of annoying. But fortunately the jar is small so it's easy to carry inside my handbag for touch up. Other than the poor staying power, I can't find anything I don't like about the cream blush !

The Kanebo Kate Cream Cheek retails for ca. USD$10 / 3gr. 


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