Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Prom Princess

I was still in Jakarta when The Archie's Girls collection from MAC first launched in Germany. I had a little bit of panic that maybe I couldn't get the blush and the pencil eye linerI've been eyeing for some time. I wanted to ask my boyfriend to get it for me ( but my boyfriend refused to go to MAC counter for a blush #cry), but since I already hauled so much make up on my holiday, I thought maybe I didn't need another blush or pencil eye liner, especially when the most thing that made me want them, was the packaging.
But, destiny led me to another story.

On my 2nd day back to Berlin, I had to go to work already, since my shift was early, I decided to take a look at MAC Counter on the ground floor ( I work part time at a ), found that the display was still there and swatched the 2 blushes available, and I liked Prom Princess the most. 
( The pencil eye liner was sold out but I managed to get it from another MAC counter in Berlin, review coming soon )
The SA told me there was only 1 Prom Princess left and I was lucky because if I came like an hour later, it might as well sold out. Destiny, I'd say?

Prom Princess comes in a really cute packaging. It is typical MAC round blush case, but the color is white instead of black and it has Veronica printed on it. Super cute!

Prom Princess is a bright fuschia-pink with a hint of blue undertone. It gives a sheen satin finish that transforms into a nice glowing flushed on the cheeks. It has sheer to medium pigmentation so you don't need to be really light handed on application.
The staying power is average for MAC blush but the powder is unfortunately not finely milled. I experienced a lot of fallouts , and the texture is also not as smooth as I expected from MAC blushes.

As I am in general a fan of MAC blushes, Prom Princess isn't the best MAC could offer. The color pay off is nice, and the shade is flattering but easily dupable. The application is dusty and a bit messy but I like how it looks on my cheeks. So, I don't regret the purchase, because of the cute packaging.


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  1. Ich liebe diese Farbe! Der blush steht dir sehr gut!
    Schön, dass dein Freund dir den besorgt hat :-)
    Liebste Grüße