Friday, 22 March 2013

Designer Purple

This is the 2nd item I got from MAC recent LE, Archie's Girls. I didn't pick it up on the 1st time I visited MAC Counter to get my Prom Princess blush. But after reading some reviews about it and seeing some swatches, I decided to give it a go. 

Designer Purple is my 1st pearlglide intense eye liner from MAC ( actually my 1st eye liner from MAC at all ). I am not really a fan of MAC products, since I think their products are really hits and misses. But since this one has the cutest packaging, I once again gave up and picked it up. Besides, the swatch I did at the counter was really nice. I could totally picture me wearing it on my water line or even on upper lash lines to give a bit pop up of color to my usual black liner.

Designer purple is a bright shimmery purple. It is really vibrant and looks kind of 'glow in the dark'. It is such a stunning and bright color, yet I still can wear it on daily basis.

The texture of this liner is sooooo soft and creamy. The pigmentation is amazing and intense and it doesn't need any efforts to apply. It glides on sooo smoothly even on my oily lids. But, even though the texture is so creamy, the staying power is impressive and it doesn't smudge. It really stays the whole day.
My only concern is that the texture is a bit too creamy so it is a bit hard to sharpen. I am sometimes afraid that it will melt. Though it doesn't melt. yet? 

This is - as I mentioned above- my 1st pencil eye liner from MAC, but I am sure this will not be the last  one since I really like it. 

Have you tried any MAC pencil eye liner?

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  1. OMG! Die Farbe ist so toll... Den wollte ich auch haben, war leider bei uns schnell Ausverkauf und dadurch habe den nicht bekommen