Friday, 15 March 2013

Anna Sui Lip Gloss C Brillant a Levres C - Rose Pink #306

Anna Sui was one of the 1st brand of make up I used when I was teenager ( years ago ). On my trip to Jakarta, it is easy to access Anna Sui because they are widely available in some big department stores. I wanted to buy all of their products as they are such a pleasant to see, but my bank account balance was pathetic at that time ( it is pathetic all the time. ) so I limited my purchase to only 1 lip gloss.

Look at the box!!! It is sooooo beautiful and well made and thoughtful. I was having a hard time not to throw it away. But I had to, because my suitcase was overweight already. #cry

The gloss comes in a beautiful gorgeous tube with Anna Sui trademark black roses ornament on the top. The tube is well made and screams luxurious.

" Anna Sui Lip Gloss C Brilliant a Levres C is a light and hydrated lip gloss , which can produce sparkling plump lips . It is formulated with brilliant clear oil based , with a sense of transparency and gloss finish. Because they have the depth to the film without make up, creating the sense of uniform gloss cover any irregularities . It has airy feeling and with the scent of rose.."

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I tried to find some reviews about this lip gloss in internet, but I found nothing. So maybe this is not a famous product. But I think it is completely underrated. Because this lip gloss is really really good, probably the best lip gloss I have ever encountered.
The texture is airy, lightweight and feels sooooo comfortable on my lips. It makes my lips look plump and delicious looking. It also doesn't feel sticky at all.
The pigmentation is medium, and buildable so I can apply it sheer or opaque depends on my mood. It applies nicely and evenly. The staying power is relatively good for a lip gloss.
The shade I picked up is Rose Pink. It is a medium muted pink with a hint of brown. It is a true definition of every day kind of pink gloss. Rose Pink is also a clear lip gloss without any shimmer particles. I remember there were some other shades available, and there was an opaque red which looked gorgeous and I really wanted it, but they didn't have it on stock :(

If you are familiar with Anna Sui make up , you will know that they all have kind of subtle rose scent. Some people might find it overwhelming, but I personally love it.

This is overall my favorite lip gloss of all time and I regret that I didn't pick up more shades..

PS : I checked on ebay and found this seller, sells the whole range of this lip gloss. It is more expensive than the price I paid in Jakarta ( Rp.210.000 or approx. 18€ ) but I think I will order the other shades soon. 


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