Saturday, 14 July 2012

20€ Make Up Challenge!

Hello guys!
A lot of youtubers have been doing this 20€ ( or USD, or Poundsterling , etc ) make up challenge and I find it so fun and challenging at the same time. At first, I thought this wouldn't be so difficult since I also use a lot of drugstore make up on daily basis. Only later on I found out , it wasn't easy at all. @.@

After some rumblings inside my head ( lol ), I finally managed to get a full face make up under the budget! yeay! :D

Here is the look I did :

*The lash glue that comes with the lashes was really messy >.<*

Products I used :
    • Rival de Loop BB Cream ( I applied it using my hand )        :    2,99€
    • P2 Denim Delight Duo Blush and Face Powder ( I applied the powder and the blush using the blush brush from H&M )  :  3,75€
    • Essence Stay All Day Cream eye shadow ( applied using my fingers )  : 2,75€
    • Essence Long Lasting eye pencil in black  : 1,25€
    • Essence Brow Designer in brown  : 1,28€
    • H&M blush brush   : 3€
    • Essence Lip stain  : 1,95€
    • False lashes ( I bought a pair in woolworth, but I threw away the packaging so I forgot the brand >:< )  : 1,90€
TOTAL      ----------->  18,87€!!!

So as you can see, I completed the challenge! It wasn't easy but it was fun. Some of the products are nice and I have them already on my collection, only the false lashes weren't nice. 

Do you think the challenge is easy? What products would you choose if you did the challenge?

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