Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Essence Miami Roller Girl

When I first saw the press pictures about this limited edition from Essence, I wasn't really interested. I thought  this LE was a bit 'too playful and tacky' for my taste. But once it released on drugstores, I saw a lot of good reviews on its blush and tinted lip balm. Unfortunately, this LE was released in a lot of drugstores along my exam week, so I didn't have time to check out some drugstores and hunt for the blush and lip balm. 
After I finished my exam week and started looking for the blush and lip balm, I couldn't find it anywhere because they're all sold out. But, ( I believe it was destiny. lol ) I spotted a full display, freshly set in Rossmann - Friedrichstra├če just few days ago, which is a bit weird because usually this Rossmann always has LE products earlier than other drugstore. That made me even more sure it was destiny that they set it a bit late so I could get the blush and lip balm. lol.

See? the display was full and untouched.


I always like ombre blushes because they usually have unique colors. And this blush is no exception. It's pretty coral and pink matte shade. I think the color is perfect for summer. The packaging isn't the most beautiful one, but this one is practical. I don't really like when a blush packaging comes with a brush or mirror because usually the brush given isn't really good and the mirror is sometimes to small.

The blush is nicely pigmented and finely milled. It's so smooth and not dusty. The application is easy, because it's not too stark pigmented so you don't have to worry about looking like a clown. It gives a nice satin and glowy finish which I really like. The fact that it comes with 8gr of products makes me even happier. I think 8gr for only 2,75€ and such nice quality is a generous amount. The staying power is so-so but I think it's normal for powder blush. 


*I'm also wearing the blush in this picture*

The lip balm claims to change color according to our mood, yeah I'm skeptical about this mood changing color, but the color of this lip balm does depend on everyone's natural lip color. It looks really orange on the tube, and looks coral on hand swatch, but it looks bright pink with a slightly coral tone on my lips. I really like the color it gives and it's moisturizing as well. It smells sweet and fruity, just like normal lip balm. It's nicely pigmented and looks natural. The lip balm surprised me even more than the blush. I really like this. It reminds me a bit on revlon lip butter, only this one is less pigmented. I'll  buy a back up if I am able to find another 'not yet sold out' display on other drugstore.

Overall, I can only recommend the blush and the lip balm. Go get them if they're available in your local drugstore. I know Essence is also available in some european countries, and also in some US; Asian and Australian drugstores. So I hope this limited edition will be available in your country too.


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