Saturday, 25 June 2016

Girlactik Matte Lip Paint Allure vs The Balm Meet Matt Hughes Charming

I've tried several matte liquid lipsticks and I must say I were not a huge fan as they all tend to be very very dry and crack my lips. But, recently I purchased 2 liquid lipsticks that I found to be very very good. Let's do a comparison between Girlactik Lip Paint in Allure and The Balm Meet Matte Hughes in Charming.

The Balm Meet Matt Hughes Charming

Girlactik Allure

The Balm Meet Matt Hughes in Charming is described as a long lasting liquid matte lipstick. Let me start by saying that the description is on point. Charming is a muted deep rose / berry shade, basically the shade that is on trend at the moment. Almost every brands that carry liquid matte lipsticks are having this shade because it's a flattering color for almost all skin tones. I personally love Charming very much. It's a shade that makes my teeth appear whiter and also complementing my complexion really well. The texture is very thin and watery and it sets into a matte finish. It's true matte with no sheen whatsoever. It feels sticky for the first couple of minutes before setting into a rather rubbery feeling. From the beginning, I was well aware that no matte liquid lipstick will be hydrating and Charming was not an exception. It is slightly drying, but it's not uncomfortable and I still can wear it the entire day despite of my lips being easily chapped and dried out. However, I prefer to apply a thin layer of lip balm underneath to make it a little less drying ( the balm won't eliminate the matte effect though, so no worries about it, just make sure to apply just a very thin layer of lip balm ). Having a balm underneath will shorten its staying power, but I really don't mind. Without a lip balm underneath, Charming can get to 5-6 hour mark with no problem. 

Girlactik Matte Lip Paint in Allure was a exciting surprise. I purchased it on a whim because I really liked the shade, but I didn't expect it to be anything groundbreaking. But, after trying it on, I was so happy to find out how good it really was. The texture is similar to The Balm Meet Matt, very thin and watery. It's really easy to apply and the doe foot applicator enables a precise application. It sets after few seconds into matte finish as well. Compare to The Balm, Girlactik is more comfortable on the lips and doesn't particularly need a lip balm underneath. It feels a tad sticky but the stickiness will fade after few minutes. It is very comfortable on the lips to the point that I almost forgot that I had something on. Allure is a warm nudish pink shade. On my lips however, it appears a bit coral which is still very beautiful. It is also the kind of shade that will flatter a lot of skin tones. The staying power is great and slightly longer than The Balm.

Overall, if you have problems with dry lips and have yet to find the perfect matte liquid lipstick, look no further. These two are excellent.

The Balm Matt Hughes retails for €16,99 / 7,4ml and Girlactik Matte Lip Paint retails for US$ 23 / ( can't find the amount of the product on the website, but I guess the same as The Balm ).


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