Saturday, 2 July 2016

Shy Beam

My experiences with Benefit cosmetics have been hits and misses. There was a phase where I was obsessed with High Beam and Benetint and there was also a phase where I got fed up with those two and started to develop a love hate relationship with them.
I love highlighter but sometimes I dislike it when they're being too shimmery or too much. When Benefit launched a matte highlighter ( as oxymoron as it sounds ), I was sold and ordered it right away.

Benefit Shy Beam comes in a very beautiful frosted rose gold bottle. The packaging is similar to Benetint, High Beam and co only is is tinted and has more girly ornament on it.

Benefit describes Shy Beam as nude pink matte radiance highlighter. So it's supposed to give a glow without being shimmery. Who doesn't want that? But, let me spill it for you that it sadly didn't leave up to my expectations :-(. 

Shy Beam has a lightweight but slightly thick-gloopy texture ( keep High Beam in mind, they're very similar in texture ). It is peachy nude in color but once blended, it disappears. I am MAC NC 15-20 and Shy Beam just doesn't want to show up on my skin. I literally see nothing. Not even a slight glow or radiance. It's like I just apply another layer of skin-tone foundation, or primer. Maybe it would work for people with deeper skin tone, maybe I just fall to the wrong skin tone category? Aside of the  color fail, it blends easily and doesn't accentuate anything bad. I think the product itself is not particularly bad, it is just they should have put more thoughts on the shade.

For the obvious reasons above, there is no point for me to use Shy Beam since it doesn't do anything to my skin, and I probably just wore it twice, I can't really tell you its staying power.

Sadly, Benefit Shy Beam is a failed purchase for me. Let me know if you have tried this one out and what do you think about it? 


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