Saturday, 11 June 2016

Lancome Juicy Shaker

Ever since Lisa Eldrigde took over the creative director position at Lancome, they've been coming up with a lot of new interesting products. I was never really attracted to the brand as it used to have a slight old fashioned image to it. But nowadays, their new launches are looking really nice and make me want to explore the range more. I recently just purchased one of their new Juicy Shaker and I've been enjoying it so far.

Lancome Juicy Shaker is described to be pigment infused lip oil. This might not be the first type of product on the market, but I can say that it is the only one that looks attractive enough for me to try. 

The cute packaging plays a big role, I guess. The juicy shaker comes in a cute mini shaker tube / bullet with a witty sponge applicator. The sponge applicator absorbs a lot of product and gets soaked up after few usage. The sponge applicator is unusual but it works perfectly fine. 

Texture wise, it is a lip oil infused with pigment. It has oily-slippery texture and the pigmentation is sheer. I have tried several shades and to be honest, they all look very similar once applied. I personally don't think that you need to buy several shades as they're all very sheer and therefore do not have different effects on the lips. It is however very lightweight and is not sticky at all. It applies smoothly and a tad slippery. The oily feeling is not something that bothers me as it doesn't feel greasy. Another good thing, for something with oily and slippery formulation, it has a good staying power. The shine will fade after 2-3 hour wear, but the tint of color stays on pretty well.

The Juicy Shaker feels hydrating on the lips and is very comfortable to wear. I like to apply is as a 'topcoat' for drier lip products or sometimes alone on days I just want a very natural look.

Overall, Lancome Juicy Shaker is a nice addition to my lip product stash. It's not cheap at €17,99-€22,99 depends on where you get it, but I didn't regret the purchase.


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