Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Too Faced Melted Kisses and Sweet Cheeks

I've been wanting to try the love flush blushes from Too Faced, but due to the limited availability in Germany, it took me a long time to finally get my hands on the products. A friend of mine came visiting from Jakarta and I asked her to bring me this set.

Too Faced Melted Kisses and Sweet Cheeks Set comes with 3 mini Melted lipsticks and 3 mini Love Flush blushes. If I'm not mistaken, this set was part of Too Faced's Christmas collection, hence the festive packaging. 

The Love Flush blushes come in a cutesy mini case. The case isn't exact copy of the full size version but still looks really cute imo. The shades included are Love Hangover ; a bright coral shade , Justify My Love ; a Barbie pink shade and Your Love is King ; a purplish plum shade. I didn't expect the blushes to be very pigmented, so I was surprised to see how greatly pigmented they are. However, the pigmentation made it difficult to apply. I find them all to be patchy and difficult to blend. I tried to use sparse blush brush to pick up less product, but still a little goes a long way and I still ended up with OTT blushed cheeks. The texture is smooth but very powdery. A gentle swipe equals powder mess. Too bad since I actually like the colors.

The Melted Lipsticks also come in a mini packaging, only the tubes are exact copy of the full size version. I am not a fan of the squeeze tube packaging since the attached sponge can look a bit messy and dirty after awhile. The shades included are Melted Nude ; a peachy nude shade , Melted Peony ; a Barbie pink shade and Melted Fig ; a purplish plum shade. 
Out of 3 shades, I can only wear Melted Fig in real life as the other two are definitely not my cup of tea. Melted Nude is too pale and Melted Peony is too pink. They all look very unflattering against my complexion. Texture wise, they have creamy texture and apply nicely. They have matte powdery finish and remind me of NYX lip creams. The 2 lighter shades tend to emphasise my lip lines , only Melted Fig doesn't. All 3 shades have good staying power and are not really drying on my lips despite of the matte finish.

Melted Nude + Love Hangover

Melted Peony + Justify My Love

Melted Fig + Your Love is King

Overall, I'm glad I bought this set since it's a good value for money and I got to try the products without having to commit to the full size. However, I just didn't find the blushes or the liquid lipsticks groundbreaking. If you find a particular shade you'd really like, then go for it. But otherwise, I think you can invest your money on other stuffs xD.


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