Wednesday, 23 March 2016

MAC Soft and Gentle

Yes I know, another highlighter review. But, I just have been buying more and more highlighters recently xD
MAC Soft & Gentle was long on my list, and I honestly didn't know what held me back for so long to buy this highlighter. However, I finally took the plunge and bought it during a 20% promo.

MAC Soft & Gentle comes in a solid black case with a magnetic closure. I believe mine is the new packaging, as the old one has a full transparent lid. I personally prefer the old packaging as I find the new one a bit cheap looking ( reminds me of the fake MAC products you can find on eBay xD ).

Packaging aside, MAC Soft & Gentle is a warm beige champagne highlighter. It's the closest to Tom Ford Moodlight ( Moonlight ) It has a slightly dry , grubby and dusty texture but nothing uncomfortable. The pigmentation is amazing, and it's certainly not a highlighter for the faint hearted xD.  However, as someone who usually prefers subtle highlighter, Soft & Gentle is something I can still tolerate. I just need to be more careful on application and use it sparingly on day time. The formula is great to be layered so make sure you work with thin layers instead of one thick layer. 

MAC Soft & Gentle contains a lot of glitter particles. Once applied, the glitters are obvious, but they're fine and micro in size, so I don't find it something to be worried about. It doesn't emphasise my pores and doesn't make my face looking like a disco ball.

After trying this highlighter for awhile, I can understand why it is such a cult favourite especially for bridal make up. The glow is so pretty. It is in the same territory with The Balm Marylou Manizer in terms of intensity and pigmentation. The finish is intense, but you can sheer it down for more low key days. If I need to pick one downside, I'll point out the slightly dry-dusty texture. If you prefer velvety smooth - almost creamy highlighters like BECCA or The Balm Marylou Manizer, you might find this one too grubby. 

Overall, MAC Soft & Gentle is a nice addition to my growing highlighter stash. It is a staple to have and something I reach for whenever I want a more intense glow look. It retails for €32 / 10gr which I think is pretty reasonable. 

What is your current favourite highlighter?

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