Monday, 18 January 2016

The Manizer Sisters

I remember I used to 'dislike' highlighters and very rarely use them. But the past 6 months, I've made peace with them and have been buying them like cray cray. LOL. 
I own The Balm Mary Lou Manizer ( which is badly shattered unfortunately ), and it's one of my favourite highlighters ever. When I first saw The Balm launching a trio consisting their famous 3 Manizer Sisters, I told myself I needed to have them.

Mary Lou

Cindy Lou

Betty Lou

When my order arrived, my inner beauty junkie was so happy because the palette is so darn cute! It's tinier than I imagined but therefore very compact, slim and very easy to travel with. The cardboard packaging is sturdy and unlike the original packaging, the 3 powders are less likely to shatter in this cardboard palette. I've traveled with it and it passed the test well.

I've reviewed Mary Lou here, so you can klick the link and read my review there. Just a small update that I developed my love for Mary Lou along with more use and time. 

Cindy Lou is a shade I didn't expect to love as much as I do now. It looked really pink as a highlighter and too shimmery as a blush when I first saw swatches of it online. But once I have it on my hand and tried it on my cheeks, it worked amazing as blush. It's not too shimmery at all and compliments my complexion nicely. Cindy Lou is a nice peachy rose shade. Hourglass Ambient lighting blush Mood Exposure is deeper, Burberry Cameo blush is more muted and brownish. 

Betty Lou on the other hand , is the shade I find the most difficult to wear. It's too deep and bronzy as a blush and I am just not a fan of shimmery bronzers as they tend to look 'dirty' and too warm on my complexion. I tried to mix Betty Lou with Cindy Lou and they work together 'okay' as blush but I'm not crazy over the combination. Betty Lou will surely work better on deeper skin tone. But, I might give Betty Lou a try as eye shadow though as the shade looks like something I'd like on the lids. 

Overall, this trio is a great bargain and an excellent purchase for me. It would be a struggle to travel with Mary Lou as it is - in original packaging - is very fragile ( I've never traveled with it but mine is shattered anyway ), and this palette is more travel friendly and you get blush-highlighter and bronzer in one tiny and compact case. At €24,99 , I do think it's worth the price tag.

Have you tried any of the Manizer Sisters?

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