Friday, 22 January 2016

Lunasol Chocolat Amer

During my internship time in Jakarta, I got to know the brand Lunasol. It's very present there and the prices are okay for what you've got ( luxurious packaging and good quality ). When I first saw the press release of the fall 2015 chocolate themed collection, I directly messaged my sister to get me one of the eye shadow quad. I initially wanted to get 2 of the quads actually, number 2 and number 3. But number 3 was sold out so my sister got me the number 2.

Look at that quad!! Isn't it beautiful? and looks like chocolate bar? :9
The shade I picked up ; #2 Chocolat Amer is my ordinary cup of tea. It's a brown - earth toned eye shadow quad. Frankly speaking, I can easily find substitutes for the 4 shades but the chocolate themed design? I just couldn't resist xD.

Gladly, the eye shadows perform really well. The texture is velvety and rich, it's almost creamy to touch. They don't feel like powder eye shadows. They feel more like a hardly pressed creamy eye shadows, if that makes sense? They apply smoothly and blend easily. The shadows are not powdery at all and I didn't experience significant fallouts during application. Due to the rich texture, I usually apply it using my fingers, swipe it on the lids and blend it using blending brush. 

Despite of the rather ordinary shade selection, the quad has been in daily duty since the day I got it. I carried it during my year end euro trip with my family and honestly I didn't miss my other eye shadows at home. It's very easy to wear , I barely need to think about it. All 4 shades can perform nice solo on the lids or combined for a different look. 

Speaking about pigmentation, like most asian brand eye shadows, they are not very boldly pigmented which I don't really mind. The shades are easy to be layered and I can build up the intensity the way I want to. That way, it's easier to work with and easier to blend. The shadows also stay on pretty well even without eye shadow primer. 

Housed in a nice bronze plastic case with a built in mirror, this quad is quiet sturdy for traveling. The case does feel lightweight and a bit plasticky which I am not really keen of. But the eye shadows perform really well.

Lunasol Chocolat Amer eye shadow quad retails for IDR 540.000 or ca. € 35 which is not cheap, especially for rather 'boring' shade selection. But those 'boring' shades are really my cup of tea and what I wear on daily basis so it's a money well spent for me. 

Have you tried anything from Lunasol?

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