Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Etude House Moistfull Super Collagen Cream

I always want to try Korean skin care products as they are known as one of the leader in skin care/beauty industry. During my flight to Indonesia, I had 2 hour transfer time at Changi Airport and was surprised to see all the brands they have at the duty free ( they even have Fresh beauty! ). They also offer a good selection of Korean brands such as Etude House, Innisfree, The Face Shop, etc with relatively affordable prices. This Moistfull Super Collagen cream was on their best seller rack, and cost only S$15 ( if I'm not mistaken ) for 60 ml so I purchased it to replace my emptied Laneige Waterbank Lotion.

I am no expert in terms of beauty /skin care ingredients, but I do know that Collagen supposed to be good for the skin and provides a nice--hydrated-suppled-ellastic skin. Etude House Moistfull Super Collagen Cream contains 63% collagen which sounds rather promising.

The cream is housed in a big round plastic jar and comes with a small spatula. I like the fact that they include a spatula because it means I don't need to dip my fingers into the pot and therefore keeps the product stays hygienic ( assuming you always clean the spatula beforehand ). The spatula also helps scooping out the product due to its unique consistency.

The product has a gel-ish creamy texture which spreads easily and melts into the skin right after application. The texture is rich but still relatively lightweight, though I usually wear it for my night routine instead of day routine. It is a bit too rich for day use on my combination skin. In terms of hydrating and moisturizing the skin, it does the job really well. My skin is well hydrated and feels rejuvenated the next morning. I sleep in an air conditioned room and this cream manages to keep my skin from being dry. I also notice that my skin appears softer and less bumpy/itchy. 

I have used this cream religiously every night for the past month and I must say I like it. It is not groundbreaking or extraordinary but it does the moisturizing job very well and for the price, I just can't complain much. Will I repurchase? I don't think so. Even though it is by no mean a bad product, it is just not groundbreaking enough for me. I believe there are other moisturizers out there which can perform just as good or even better and I always like to try on different skin care and the jar is huge it will last me a long time. 

Have you tried Korean skin care before?

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