Saturday, 2 May 2015


I have some nail polishes from KIKO but I am not all over them. They are nice especially for the price ( ca. €1,90-€2,40 ) yet they are not excellent. But, this new perfect gel duo nail lacquer + top coat from KIKO is another story.

The duo consists of one gel top coat and one nail polish. They have 18 shades and supposed to be limited ( which is a shame as I really like them ). 
I picked up the color Cyclamen which is a bright magenta-fuchsia. It was a tough decision as I  initially wanted to pick up another taupe / grey and red shades  , but I remained strong and picked up only 1 shade I had not had in my collection xD. 
Both nail polish and topcoat come in a different packaging as the regular KIKO nail polishes. The packaging looks better imo as well as 'more expensive'. The brush is wide and flat ( similar to Essie and Dior brushes ) and makes application smoother and easier. The nail polish has excellent consistency, not too thin nor too thick. The pigmentation is great and it reaches opacity in 1 coat, but I always apply 2 coats anyway. It has glossy creamy finish which is the kind of finish I always go to for manicure as I am not a fan of matte finish.

Kiko claims the duo to be long lasting and yes it is indeed long lasting ( 7 days wear with minor chipping ). I find the gel top coat works well with other polishes too. It dries on very quick and gives a nice gel like glossy finish to other nail polishes. I hope Kiko will bring the top coat to the permanent range.

PS : I landed in Jakarta on Friday, and have been experiencing a bad bad bad jet lag :/ it is 05.00 in the morning and I am wide awake O_O and hungry. LOL.

What has been on your nails lately?

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