Saturday, 24 January 2015

My Boy ; Richard

Tom Ford recently launched the 40+shades limited edition lipsticks named after boys / men in his life, the whole beauty community went banana over it. Of course, it is Tom Ford, so there's no wonder it became a hit, despite of the hefty price tags and "limited edition - sold out in minutes" fuss.
To be honest, at first sight, I was not really interested to buy any shades from the collection, but after I found out there was a particular shade named after my biggest love ever a.k.a my little brother ; Richard, I literally picked up my phone and called the only Tom Ford counter in my city to check whether they had the particular shade. I was lucky they had problem with delivery so the whole collection came like a month late. Long story short, I reserved the shade Richard even before I knew how it looked like :P. ( On the other note ; I would buy another color if there was a shade named after my other brother , Bernard. But sorry Bernard, there was no shade named after you, so no jealousy xD ). 

The lipstick comes as mini version of the regular Tom Ford lip color. I was worried the mini packaging would be wobbly and wouldn't function well , but TF didn't disappoint. The packaging is just as sturdy as the full size version and despite of the mini size, I didn't have any difficulties in terms of application. 
Later I found out that the shade Richard is actually identical to Negligee which was introduced as part of the fall winter 2014 collection ( if I'm not mistaken ). Richard is a warm brownish plum which appears darker on my lips. It leans more towards brown and I think if there was a matte version of it , it would be a Kylie Jenner shade everyone else is talking about. Richard is not a shade I would have picked when it is not because of the name because I do think it is a bit too brown for my liking. But the more I wear it, the more I like it. 

Texture wise, I didn't notice any difference compare to the full size TF lip cover I own ; Wild Ginger. The formula is creamy but not slippery. It glides on effortlessly on the lips and provides a nice satin creamy finish. It is pretty hydrating and long lasting. The formula reminds me of the Burberry lip cover, I couldn't pick which one I love more. 

Overall, Tom Ford did a great job.  The price tag is high, but the quality is superior too.

Did you get anything from the boys?

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