Friday, 9 January 2015


I am currently in preparation phase for my upcoming exams so please bear with my short post for awhile :)

I have said many times before that I am a fan of Dior nail polishes. They have one of the best formula I have ever encountered. They apply seamlessly, not streaky at all and the pigmentation is just great. I also love the wide flat brush.
Darling is a bright medium pink, which is usually not my kind of color. But I was at the duty free and felt like I need a bright pink nail polish in my life. lol. Do you know this feeling at the duty free when you just feel like you NEED to buy something at the duty free?? Because I always have this feeling. lol

Out of topic, how have you been doing in new year? January is definitely not the most exciting month as holiday season is over, excitement for snow and white christmas has gone and only bad cold winter weather or rainy weather left ( lucky you, Australians! ) and upcoming exams for students ;''((.
I honestly can't believe how 2015 has been going so fast until now. It is already the second week of 2015. But at the same time I am excited as well. I am going home for a month in February for Chinese New Year and it will be my first Chinese New Year at home after 5 years living in Germany woohoo.

Anyway, let me know how your new year has been and if you celebrate Chinese New Year - are you  as excited as I am?


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