Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Cheeky Sweet Spot

This is my 3rd blush palette / set from the holiday collections that I purchased. This set was sold out pretty much everywhere in Germany but I was lucky to be able to get it from a small Benefit counter near where I live ( I guess not a lot of people are aware they have Benefit counter there! ). The set contains 4 deluxe size blushes ( 4gr instead of 5gr full-size ) + 1 full size blush + 1 deluxe size bronzer ( 4gr ) and 1 mini Watt's up highlighter and retails for €37 which is a very good price considering 1 full size blush from Benefit costs €34,99 here in Germany!

The packaging is so cute! It comes in a solid tin case with a very cute design. It will make a great gift especially for someone who hasn't got any blushes from Benefit before. But if we put aside the cuteness of the tin case, it is actually rather bulky and not very clever for traveling. A sleek, thin case would be better for traveling as well as storing. But , Benefit always goes over the top anyway with their packaging :D.

Dandelion - is a pale pink shade with matte finish. At first I was worried it wouldn't show up on my skin, but it is actually brighter once applied. 

Bella Bamba - is a medium pink with some fine peachy shimmer. Bella Bamba is the shade I reach out the least in this palette because I am just not a very fan of hot pink on my cheeks.

Sugarbomb - is a shimmering multi coloured blush which leans to peachy orange once applied. It has very fine golden shimmer and can work nicely as highlighter as well.

Hoola - is a very famous ashy brown bronzer from Benefit. I love it as contour shade as the ashy tone works very well to give some definition to my cheek bones. I wouldn't use to warm up my complexion though as it is a tad too ashy for it. But I love the fact that it is matte and doesn't have any orange tinge in it.

Coralista - is just like its name advised, a very pretty coral shade with gold shimmer. It is a bit similar to Sugarbomb, only a tad bolder.

Rockateur - is a warm dusty rose shade . It is my favorite shade in this palette. It has satin finish and the kind of color that will compliment any make up look.

Watt's up highlighter - a very very subtle champagne highlighter which I surprisingly like. I am usually not big on highlighter but this one is very subtle so I have been wearing it a lot lately and have been thinking to get the full size :D

PS : I am wearing Hoola as contour shade and Watt's up as highlighter in all the picts above. 

Overall, I am very happy with this set and the quality of the blushes. They are all buttery smooth and apply seamlessly. The pigmentation is great and the longevity is impressive. I love the fact that they smell very good as well. Now I finally get it why people love the Benefit blushes. They are really good!

Have you tried any Benefit blushes? Which one is your favorite?

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