Monday, 19 January 2015

Cathy Doll SUN BB Cream SPF 45

Sharlynn from theblackmentosbeautybox included this BB Cream inside our beauty swap package  sometime ago and when the first time I saw it, I had no clue about the brand so I tried it without any expectation. The result was surprisingly very positive!

The BB Cream came in a typical BB Cream squeeze tube. I like this kind of packaging because it is just very functional, practical and perfect for traveling. After some google research, I found out that this BB Cream came from Thailand , hence most of the reviews available on the internet were in Thai language. 
Anyway, the first time I tried it on, I fell in love with the texture. It was so creamy, emollient and lightweight. It blended effortlessly into the skin and didn't look ashy like most BB Cream. It was very hydrating and my skin felt plumped and healthy. This BB Cream provided a good light to medium coverage and because of the lightweight texture, it didn't get cakey when layered. The finish was dewy but in no way greasy. The shade is a bit ashy though, but since I mostly use it as base for foundation, I don't really have problem with it. And once it's well set, the grey tone won't be too pronounce, so don't worry!
I usually apply it as a base for my foundation for more coverage and I noticed that it prolonged the wear of my foundation and also helped in terms of oil control. The SPF 45 was also one positive point and in hot summer days, I often wear this alone and it gave me the coverage I needed whenever I just couldn't bother with foundation.

This BB Cream is basically just all you need from the BB Cream. It is moisturizing, gives decent coverage, brightens up the complexion , provides high SPF and perfect for low key days. Love!


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