Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation

As a foundation junkie, I am always itchy to try new foundations in the market. This particular foundation from Tom Ford has been receving a lot of good reviews since it is launched. But the hefty price tag ( €74,99 / 30ml ) scared me away until I made a big mistake allowing the Tom Ford BA applying the foundation on my face. Let me tell you, it was love at the first application. The BA colormatched me to the shade ; Linen which according to her is the most suitable shade for asian complexion. And she was right because the shade is the perfect match for my complexion. 
Linen has a slight yellow undertone which is great to counter some redness that I have. The yellow undertone is also very subtle so it doesn't end up orange on my skin.
The foundation felt very very nice when she applied it on my face and I just fell in love with the finish that I gave up and purchased it right away.

Fresh applied

After 9 Hours

The foundation comes in a frosted plastic bottle with a pump that twists up . I am not sure about how I feel towards the plastic bottle, I mean plastic bottle for €74 ??? But it is not a cheap kind of plastic. It has a good weight to it and you can really tell that it is well made. The twist up mechanism is also a nice design. Still, for the price tag, I think they should at least give us a glass bottle. 

The foundation has thick creamy gel texture which feels very lightweight. I don't know how TF managed to create such an interesting texture. It is thick, not liquidy at all , but you just know by touching it that it is very lightweight and airy. Upon contact with the skin, it blends seamlessly. No matter how you apply it - with brush, beauty blender, beauty sponge or fingers - it blends just effortlessly. My favorite method though, is using my most loved Real Technique buffing brush. The foundation provides a build able medium coverage, it blurs out imperfections, doesn't set into dry patches and covers up my blemishes and redness around the cheeks. All those advantages come with a very radiant natural skin like finish. I wouldn't say that the finish is dewy, because it is more like a semi matte but with natural radiant and glow. The name "Traceless Perfecting Foundation" is on point as it does what the name advised.

One other plus point is the staying power. It is a good long wearing foundation. I did need to touch up after ca. 6 hours but by the end of the day, the foundation was still intact. My T-zone got oilier, but other than that, it was still good. I also like that it doesn't transfer, which is impressive because I blow my nose a lot and this foundation doesn't even transfer to the tissue. 
The SPF 15 is rather unnecessary in my opinion, but I don't experience any white cash with this foundation. 
The foundation is lightly scented, nothing overwhelming.

Is it worth the splurge? Well, this foundation is no doubt a very good one. Even maybe the best I have ever tried and the most suitable for my needs at the moment. So yes, I don't regret the purchase at all. I might even repurchase it once I use it up. But , if you have different skin needs and preferences, I am sure there are other high end brands that will do the job just as good for cheaper price. I might just haven't found one yet. I'd recommend you to go to TF counter and try it on the spot. Ask for a sample if it's possible, and give it a good few days trial. 
If you are finished reading my rave review on it, I think I will not surprise you by saying that this is now my favorite foundation I have ever encountered xD. 


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