Friday, 21 November 2014

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette

If you have read my review on the ambient lighting blush here, you must have known my love for it. So when I saw this palette literally everywhere, I didn't hesitate a bit to order it from Sephora. The palette consists of 3 blush shades ; Luminous Flush, Mood exposure and Incandescent Electra. The first 2 shades belong to the permanent range and Incandescent Electra is limited for the palette. Despite the fact that I already own Luminous Flush, I still bought this palette because I looooooove the formula very much - maybe even better than my most loved Burberry Sheer Glow blushes. 
Luminous Flush, as described on the previous post is a medium coral shade. It is not too orange nor too pink, just the perfect amount of coral. Mood exposure is a soft plum with a wee bit of brown and red hint to it. Incandescent Electra is a bright pink with cool undertone and more shimmer ( don't worry, doesn't transform as glitters on the face ). Out of three shade, I must say that Mood Exposure is my favorite, it is also very appropriate for autumn. It is officially my new found love. Though I do think that all 3 shades applied a bit similar. I am NC 20 so I do notice the difference on my complexion, but I can imagine that the 3 shades won't look much different on people with deeper complexion.

Texture wise, it is consistent with the full size ones. They are like photoshop on the pan. They give an instant glow to the cheeks and blur out all imperfections. I really wish the powder did the same to my face, sadly the only thing the powders did was all the opposites. 
( edit : I recently read somewhere that the Ambient lighting blushes are all infused with the ambient lighting powder, hence the blurring effect and photo sop finish. This is very interesting to me, because I dislike the powder but love the blushes ).

I won't go much on to details of the blush as I already did here . But one thing for sure, I didn't regret the purchase and I am really really happy with it and can only recommend it to any other blush junkies out there ( well, even if you are not a blush junkie, trust me it won't hurt to have this palette sitting on our dressing table ).

Quoting Temptalia, this palette is worth $77 for 3 deluxe size blushes ( 0,11 oz compare to 0,15 oz for the full size ) and retails for $58 only. That means you save $19 and get 3 beautiful blush shades.

It has been a long time since the last time I am this excited about one particular make up item. For me, this palette is a strong candidate for my best buy of the year.

Have you tried the Ambient lighting blush from Hourglass? or the powder maybe?

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