Saturday, 15 November 2014

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot

I have heard a lot of positive reviews on the MAC pro longwear paint pots and having oily lids, I am always on the search for a good eye shadow base. I have tried the famous Urban Decay primer potion, Too Faced shadow insurance and the Lorac eye shadow base. I am not a fan of the UDPP and TFSI but I like the Lorac one. On those days where I need to be hurry , cream eye shadows are my staples. Most cream eye shadows that I own are shimmery though and sometimes when I only go to Uni, I prefer matte eye shadows for more muted look. My favorite so far is the one from Givenchy , but it could be too pink sometimes so I decided to get the famous Painterly from MAC for a flesh coloured cream eye shadow, I ended up with Quite Natural as well. 

MAC Paint pots have creamy - waxy texture. They glide on smoothly and don't tug my lids. Painterly is a good base for any color of eye shadows as it is flesh toned. Quite Natural is a dirty muddy brown. I initially wanted to go with Constructive because I wanted warm milky brown shade, but the MAC MUA advised me to get Quite Natural instead which I later regret as it appears too grayish on my lids. I might go to MAC counter again and pick up Constructive later :P
I have read some people complaining about them being creased, I have to disagree because they don't crease on my lids. They set pretty quick though, so you really need to blend it right away. But I think , that way they also work well as base because they set quick and don't interrupt the powder applied over them. 
Painterly is good pigmented but since it is flesh toned, you can't really tell once it's applied, so I guess it is really meant to work as base. But Quite Natural is bold and really great pigmented. A little goes a long way , but I find it a bit harder to work with. It sometimes appear chalky when it is not properly blended. The problem is, when I am reaching for my cream eye shadow, I am usually in a hurry so it annoys me that Quite Natural is not the easiest to work with. 
Apart of my not so pleasant experience with Quite Natural, I am so far happy with Painterly and have nothing to complain about the texture and quality of the paint pots. I guess my problem with Quite Natural is more because I picked up the wrong shade. 

Have you ever tried MAC paint pots?

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