Thursday, 16 May 2013

Plum Pink

Among other high end brands, Burberry is def on the top of my list. I love everything about it, from the packaging, the concept, the products and etc etc.
I've tried the foundation, face powder, blushes, and lipsticks from Burberry but not yet the eye shadow. Burberry eye shadows have been getting a lot of compliments from the beauty community so I am so curious to try.
After doing some research on internet, I decided that the shade I'd like to try 1st was Mulberry. Unfortunately it was not available at Burberry beauty counter in Galeries Lafayette-Berlin, so the SA recommended me this palette and voila! you know the rest.

The palette comes in a trademark Burberry metal case with magnetic closure. It also comes in a 'velvet' pouch with 3 applicators. I don't have to say much about the packaging, but I love it! 

Inside, the eye shadows are divided to 4 stripes, with the 2 shades in the middle having the most space. I love the face that they give more amount for the 2 shades in the middle because they are the shades I'd use the most. The eye shadows are embossed with Burberry signature check patterns. Lovely, yes?

Okay, first of all I have to give applause to Burberry. These eye shadows are bomb. The texture is soooo smooth, fallout is minimal, pigmentation is just perfect and the finish is beautiful. I believe you can see on pictures above, the satin-sheen finish, right? 
Plum pink is not an ordinary neutral palette. It is something more 'playful'. It is the combination between taupe, plum and mauve and peach. It is totally my cup of tea.  The plum shade on the palette gives a nice pop of color without going too far from the neutral border. It's easy to create a subtle everyday look as well as a more intense smokey look. 
All the shades don't need any effort to apply. And once applied, they give the most beautiful satin sheen velvety finish I have never experienced before from any other brands. They don't crease, they have great staying power even on my oily lids + no base, the powder is finely milled and they blend like heaven.  
Oh I can go on and on raving about this.. 

After reading some reviews online, some people said that the quality of the eye shadows on this palette is not as good as the individual ones. Wow that surprised me! Because this one has already impressed me , I wonder how good the individuals are.. Any of you have tried both ? Which one do you prefer?

Because price-wise, this palette is a bargain compare to the single eye shadows. The singles retail for 25€ and this palette for 51€. But I'll def check the singles later, since I am still on the look for 'Mulberry'.


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