Monday, 20 May 2013

Kiss Me Heroine Mascara

I've been really happy with my mascara routine recently. I apply 2 coats of Benefit They're Real and another 2 coats of Max Factor Clump Defy. They work amazingly for my pathetic lashes that I don't feel the urge to buy another mascara because I think I have found my perfect combination.

But lovely Sharlynn from The Blackmentosbeautybox introduced me to this mascara and was very nice to give me this set of 1 mascara and 1 mascara remover. She said that it is her holy grail mascara so it must be great!!

I love the packaging so much!! Asian brands are really 1 step ahead in terms of cute packaging! I love the vintage manga character there,just like the characters in manga 'Candy Candy'.
Sharlynn gave me a set of 1 mascara and 1 mascara remover. She said the mascara is really waterproof that it needs 'special' remover for itself.

All instructions and product description are written in japanese ( I believe it is japanese ) so I understand literally nothing. lol

Both the mascara and the remover come in a slim tube with golden 'Heroine mascara' logo printed on it. The mascara has fuschia tube with black cap and the remover has a pale pink tube with the same color cap.



The mascara comes with a curved wand. The wand is made of plastic, and the size and curve are perfect for my sparse short lashes. I usually have problems with bigger wands but this one is just the right size.
The remover comes with a really interesting wand. It is plastic and straight. It is difficult to describe so please take a look at the picture :P

Now to the result.
Since all the descriptions are written in japanase, I can't read what this mascara promises. This mascara does elongate and curl my lashes and it holds the curl. It also doesn't clump and doesn't create spider lashes. It separates my lashes really really well which I like very much.
But it is lacking in volume. And it is not 'black enough' for my liking. I like this mascara though, but I still prefer my Benefit They're Real. If you see the before after picture, you can definitely see the difference it makes, but I need more 'drama'. lol
And this mascara is also very waterproof, so I am happy that Sharlynn got me the set with the remover because it is kind of hard to remove with usual make up remover. My waterproof eye make up remover from Balea does remove this mascara though, but not as effective as the remover that came with this set.

Overall, it is a really nice mascara but I still need the help from Benefit They're Real for more drama. ;)

What is your holy grail mascara?

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