Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Butter London Trio

Back to the last december, around christmas time, fellow german beauty bloggers were all ordering this trio because one German seller on amazon sold this trio ( all 3 are full size ) for only 16€ .. Butter London nail polishes retail for 16€ each here in Germany, so no wonder it was sold out within few hours at that time. And I was too late. T.T
But few weeks ago, my boyfriend told me he saw on his amazon newsletter about this special offer and he remembered I wanted to get it, so thank to him I grabbed it on time.

Rosie Lee - Fairy Cake - The Black Knight

Butter London nail polishes come in a sturdy square bottle . I love the shape of the bottle because it looks unusual and 'expensive'.

Rosie Lee - Fairy Cake - The Black Knight all 3 coats.

Rosie Lee is a strawberry pink color with the same shade-glitters, Fairy Cake is a silver with multicolored glitters and The Black Knight is a black with multicolored glitters.

The glitters are fine and applied and dried smooth on the nails. It dried quickly as well. The formula is nice, it is not too thin or too thick and the glitters are not flaky. The application was smooth and not streaky. They are pretty sheer though, I needed 3 coats to reach opacity. The staying power was great though, I topped it with Essence topcoat and it stayed on my nails with no chipping for good 4 days. ( usual nail polishes chip on my nails in less than 2-3days )

To be honest, I wasn't really impressed with the quality of them. They are no doubt, beautiful glitter polishes but I don't think they're worth the 16€ price tag. The formula didn't wow me like Essie, OPI or Sally Hansen nail polishes.  

Have you tried Butter London nail polishes?


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