Friday, 8 July 2016

MORPHE 12S Soul of Summer Palette

I think it is almost impossible to ignore the existence of Morphebrushes. The brand is everywhere. The reviews are mostly mixed though, either you love it or hate it. I had no intention to give anything from the brand a try, they just didn't attract my attention, until recently I spotted the range at The prices are affordable and I just couldn't resist to try one of their eyeshadow palettes. 

I opted for the 12-er palette called Soul of Summer. It consists of 12 warm reddish toned shimmery shades. All the shades in the palette are shimmery and man they're intense! The shades range from typical highlight shades like champagne golden shades to olive, burnt orange and burgundy. 
Soul of Summer is definitely a very warm toned eye shadow palette. If you're not keen on having a palette with 12 warm toned shadows, you should definitely give this one a pass. 

All the shadows are buttery smooth and have great pigmentation. They don't feel powdery to touch, and have a slightly 'wet pressed pigment' feel. I didn't have problem with fall out as the shadows are not powdery at all. However, they can get a bit crumbly if your eye shadow brush is harsh. I personally prefer to apply the shadows using my fingers then blend them with blending brush. Due to the intense pigmentation, you definitely need to be light handed with application, unless you really aim for a bold look. They apply well with or without primer, and being a lazy person like myself, I very rarely use primer. The staying power is impressive and I can imagine it being even better with a good base underneath.

Morphe eye shadow palette comes in a black plastic case which does feel a bit cheap and flimsy. But for €14,50 I believe we can put the downside aside.

I do wish they would put few matte shades to compliment the shimmery ones. But, for the price point, I wouldn't complain much.

Have you tried anything from Morphe?

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