Thursday, 10 December 2015

Rouge Noir

I usually don't really like Chanel makeup, but their Illusion D'ombre eye shadows are my favourites. They're so complex, simply beautiful. And when I saw they brought up new limited shade ( I read somewhere it's going to be permanent though! ) for the holiday collection and the shade happened to be my cup of tea, I just had to have it xD

Rouge Noir is a blackened reddish purple shade with multicolour glitter particles. I can spot gold, silver, green, yellow, and red glitters which all together make Rouge Noir a beautiful, iridescent and complex shade. I made a insta video which you can see here, to have a look at the shade better. Rouge Noir is darker and less red than Ebloui. It appears more purplish on the lids. 

If you are familiar with Illusion D'ombre, they all have bouncy - spongy and slightly dry texture. They're not as dry as L'oreal Infallible eye shadows though. Illusion D'ombre still have a wetness to it. I've been gravitating towards cream eye shadows lately, as they're easier to apply and usually stay on longer on my oily lids. 
Rouge Noir applies sheer on the first layer but you can build up the intensity. To achieve the opacity on the above swatch, I layered it 3 times. I personally like it that it's so versatile, you can have a simple eye look to heavy smokey eye look only with one single eye shadow. 
Rouge Noir applies smoothly, blends easily and doesn't crease nor smudge on the lids. It has a good staying power and I don't feel the need to apply eye shadow primer underneath. 

I expected it to be very similar to Ebloui as some swatches I found on the internet seem to show it that way. But, surprisingly they're relatively different on my lids. Ebloui appears very 'reddish' and coppery meanwhile Rouge Noir appears rather purplish and doesn't even look reddish at all.

Overall, I enjoy Rouge Noir a lot. There is no faulty in the quality department. Illusion D'Ombre is definitely one of the best cream eye shadow formulas I've tried. The complexity of the shades, the easy breezy application, good staying power and the luxurious well made Chanel packaging. Love.

Have you tried Chanel Illusion D'Ombre?

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