Saturday, 8 August 2015

Blue Curacao

I only brought 2 nail polishes with me for my 5 month stay in Indonesia, mainly because I thought I was going to have a lot of manicure/ pedicure ( which is very cheap here compare to Germany ), and I also believed I was going to buy some new ones, which I just did :P. 

Mavala Blue Curacao is a bright turquoise shade. The bottle is tiny , contains only 5ml of product but I don't mind as it is easier to be used up. Mavala nail polishes in Germany are not easily accessible so I had never tried any nail polish from the brand before. The local drugstore in Jakarta ; Guardian was having 20% off all Mavala products so this nail polish has cost me only IDR 40.000 ( ca. €2,5 ) which is such a good deal.
I didn't expect much from this nail polish but it exceeded my expectation. It applied very smoothly and opaque. The consistency is just the right amount, not too thin or too thick. I hate gloopy nail polish and fortunately this is not the case. The staying power is good, I got 4-5 hour wear before it started to chip.
Overall I am very happy with the purchase and will certainly look for other shades. Blue Curacao is a stunner, I got a lot of compliments from my friends,family and even strangers xD.

PS1 : One downside though the nail polish stained my nails lightly after removed. Maybe it is due to the bright blue color, and won't happen with lighter shades? I will report later once I try another shades. 

PS2 : How are you guys? Another little life update from me. As I have mentioned before, I extended my stay in Jakarta until mid September since I still have lots of things to finish here. I also recently started my small business and it has been going pretty well, and I hope it will continue to run well and better in the future. Things have been running well for me lately and I am so grateful for it.  
The weather in Jakarta has been very hot and humid lately I barely can take the heat , so I try to stay indoor whenever I can and avoid to be outside without aircon , lol. 
On a gloomy note, my boyfriend's father just passed away suddenly so my boyfriend had to rush from Germany to Jakarta to attend the funeral. He is okay though and was very calm during the unlucky circumstances. I hadn't seen him for awhile so it was nice to see him even for couple of days only as he needed to rush back to Germany again.  

So how are things going on in your life? I hope all of you are doing well ^^

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