Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Lorac Oil Free Wet / Dry Powder

On my recent trip to Jakarta, I forgot to bring any face powder so I needed to get a new one. My sister's friend has an online shop selling make up mostly from the US, and she was having this particular powder from Lorac for such a good price ( ca. €10 ) so I purchased it with no hesitation xD!

The pressed powder comes in a thick round black case. The case is quite deep as it is divided in 2 layers, 1 to store the sponge and 1 for the powder pan. As this powder can dual function as wet and dry powder, the lowest layer has little holes on the bottom to let the sponge dry after it's been used wet. The case also comes with a built in mirror which is always great for touch up.

Talking about the powder, I picked up the shade number WD 2-Light. The shade is actually a bit too light for my complexion due to my slight tan from the holiday, but they didn't have the WD3 shade so I just went with the WD2.  The powder has silky and smooth texture. It is not dusty which I really appreciate and the powder is finely milled. I applied it wet on the picture above and I must say, I was rather surprised to see the good coverage. It gives a satin-powdery finish that is not dull nor flat and not too matte. The coverage is better when it is applied wet, but if you like sheer coverage, you can wear it dry and don't worry despite of the solid coverage when it's wet, it doesn't interrupt your base make up when it's applied dry or for touch up ( weirdly, on Lorac website, it advised you to wear it wet for sheer coverage and dry for full coverage. I find it the other way around though ). 
Most powder foundations tend to be heavy duty and drying, but I must say this one is quite lightweight and I don't feel that it is drying even though it is not the most hydrating foundation either. The formula is oil free and fragrance free  which is good if you have sensitive skin. 

After testing it for some days, I must say the staying power is great. It lasted on my skin for a good 7 hour without the need to touch up. My T-zone stayed pretty matte for a good 5 hour. It doesn't cling on to dry patches and doesn't cake up. It's been inside my bag since the first day I purchased it as it also works very well for touch up. I certainly didn't regret this purchase.

What is your recent favorite powder foundation?

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