Friday, 10 April 2015

Giorgio Armani Eye Tint

I like liquid or cream eye shadows because they tend to last longer on my oily lids. They are also mostly easier to apply and less hassle for traveling or touch up because you don't need to carry eye shadow brushes with you. 
The Giorgio Armani Eye Tints have been receiving a lot of positive reviews from fellow beauty enthusiasts so I finally caved in. 

The packaging looks like lip gloss or lip cream on a glimpse and doesn't look like any eye shadow I've seen. But I like the sleek design.
I picked up the shade number 10 ; Senso. Sense is a medium brown shade with very subtle golden shimmer. The shimmer is very subtle though ( look at the comparison with other similar shades ). I like the fact that even though it has shimmer, it doesn't contain any glitter particles ( or nothing that I could see ) . Based on swatches I found on internet, I thought Senso was going to be reddish and warm toned while in fact, at least against my skin tone, I think Senso is more cool toned and a tad bit ashy. As reddish toned eye shadow fan, I did hope it was a bit warmer.

According to the GA beauty advisor, the eye tints supposed to be like the Maestro foundation - smooth and 'effortless'. I kinda agree because the texture is very lightweight, airy, and feels a wee bit silicone-y just like the Maestro foundation. The eye tint feels wet upon application and sets and dries down pretty quick, but it gives just enough time for you to play with it. The pigmentation is build able but the first layer is surprisingly sheer. I applied ca 3-4 layers to achieve the opacity on the pictures below. Once it's set, it transformed into silky powdery touch with beautiful sheen finish. The finish looks complex and not dull that allows you to wear it as single eye shadow but still give you the illusion of wearing more shades. It can also work as base for powder eye shadow to intensify the color and prolong the staying power. 

GA promised 16 hour staying power which I haven't tested yet. But I must say it does stay on pretty well, I had it for 12 hour at the longest and it didn't budge, smudge nor crease. 

In a nutshell, GA eye tint is a great product and I have been using it very often. The shade Senso is very easy and low maintenance that I can always grab whenever I am in hurry. 

Would you give the eye tints a try? What is your current favorite eye shadow ?


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