Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Very Very Raspberry

From now on, I won't say that "I am not a lip gloss person" anymore. People change, okay? :P

Catrice just released its new permanent range for spring/summer 2013 and they have a lot of new shades for the infinite shine lip gloss . The combination between a pinky coral lip gloss and pretty golden shimmers made me give up and picked this up.

I don't think the name describes the shade really well, because I don't think it looks like raspberry at all. Very Very Raspberry is a beautiful pinky coral lip gloss with quite a lot of golden shimmer particles. When I swatched it at the drugstore, I was sold at how beautiful it looked on my hands. 

On my lips, it still looks as nice as it does on my hand. I like the fact that the golden shimmers are still visible. The shimmers are not chunky at all and they look nice. The pigmentation is good and it takes only 2 layers to make it opaque. It also looks good as a top coat over lipstick.
It feels comfortable on my lips, a bit sticky but nothing too much. As I have ever mentioned, I kinda like the sticky feeling in winter because my lips feel more moisturized and hydrated. The lip gloss isn't drying as well and the scent is sweet like vanilla kind of smell.
Overall, I must say, I love it!


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