Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Succulent Pomegranate

The where I work , was having a 30% discount for all the employees last week including all make up and perfumes which are usually really really rarely on sale. I saw that as a gift from above  (*angels singing*) and I felt like it was such a waste not to use the opportunity. ( a good excuse, right? ;P ). 
After reading this post from lovely Lena, I actually wanted to try the regular rouge volupte, but I accidentally swatched the sheer candy one and fell in love with the pretty sheer color.

I was really confused which one to take between succulent pomegranate #04 and mouthwatering berry #05, and was really near to get both of them ( hey, it was 30% off! ;P ). But after a loooooooooong consideration, I limited myself to take only 1 and I took #04; Succulent Pomegranate.
Rouge Volupte Sheer Candy ( RVSC ) comes in typical YSL metal bullet, only in silver instead of the trademark gold. I am to be honest, not really a fan of the packaging, because I feel it looks a bit tacky  in silver ( I prefer the gold one ) and it catches fingerprints like CRAZY. 

Succulent Pomegranate is a bright redish coral shade with a hint of pink. It has no shimmer but has nice slightly shiny balm finish.

please pardon a string of hair there!

After few weeks wearing this RVSC, I am now having mixed feelings towards it. As much as I like the color and the nice balmy finish, I started to develop some dislikes along with the likes. My first dislike is that even though it looks moisturizing and balmy, it is actually a bit drying. It feels moisturizing and hydrating for the 1st 30 minutes, then the good feeling disappears. The color also doesn't last for a long time, it lasts actually for a really short time, like 1 hour I would say. But it leaves stain that lasts longer, only the stain tends to be darker around the lip lines. I know with the balmy texture, I shouldn't expect a long wearing lipstick, but with the price I paid, I expect more quality.
The 2nd dislike is, it settles a bit to my lips lines and it is def not a good thing for my chappy winter lips. 
But it's not all about the dislikes because I also love this baby at the same time! I love how it is so easy to wear and it looks effortless as well! It feels nice on my lips though I have to re apply like every 2 hours. I also love the color and how it leaves a nice pink stain after the balmy layer disappears.
And the fruity mango scent is so sweet but not overwhelming.

Overall, RVSC is a nice thing to have. But for me, it's not a must have. Would I repurchase it or  buy another shade? No, except they are like 70% cheaper ;)

Have you tried any of YSL lippie? 

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