Saturday, 16 February 2013

Essence Clear & Matte Make Up

Let me ask, who doesn't love a good bargain? I obviously do love good bargain. When I was browsing around my local Rossmann, I found some Essence products marked down to 0,95€ including this clear & matt oil free foundation ( also including the famous gel eye liner! of course I picked up 2, back ups, you know ;P ). And yes you're right, I couldn't resist this foundation just out of curiosity and the 0,95€ price tag. I meant, it's 0,95€! It's like you pay 1€ and you still get 5 cent back, you totally understand the reason behind it, yes? ;P

The packaging is typical Essence Foundation, simple yet unappealing. But it's practical though and it's cheap so I'll keep my mouth shut :P

The foundation has liquid but not watery consistency. At first hand swatch on direct sun light I thought it looked too orange, but fortunately it didn't look orange on my face. Scent-wise I didn't smell anything strong, only a bit of soft powder scent which I like.



First thing first, it surprised me how light the color is, once applied on my face. But since it's winter and my skin is quite pale, it's not a problem for me. The foundation feels comfortable on my skin, it blends easily. The coverage is medium and it evens out my complexion as well. The finish is matte just like its name, but it accentuates my dry patches because it is a bit too matte for my current skin condition.
It's also written on the back of the tube that the foundation promises to be moisturizing , but I must say it is not moisturizing enough. It is not dry though, but I think it's supposed to do a better job.
The staying power is great, and the oil control is amazing. I believe this will be a really good foundation for people with oily skin. 
This foundation usually retails for 3,99€ which I think is an okay price for the performance. I don't regret that I decided to pick it up for only 0,95€ because it is a really nice foundation though I won't reach for it often in winter, but I know it will do me good in hot summer days!


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