Wednesday, 13 April 2016

H&M Beauty Cream Eyeshadow

I hope you're not bored yet reading another H&M beauty line post from me xD. I went to the shop and bought 2 cream eye shadows from the range. They don't have as many color selection as the powder eye shadows, but you get almost all the basic shades covered. After some heavy swatching, I went home with 2 shades ; Gentlewoman and Dauphine Truffle.

H&M Beauty Cream Eyeshadow comes in a glass pot packaging, the packaging is simple yet well made and has a good weight to it. There is nothing spectacular about the jar / pot, but it's functional.

Dauphine Truffle is a medium chocolate shade with very fine golden shimmers and Gentlewoman is a  deep purplish plum with fine golden shimmers. The shimmers in Dauphine Truffle are not really visible once applied unlike the shimmers in Gentlewoman. Both shades are great to perform solo on the lids without looking dull or flat. Dauphine Truffle will work really well as base too due to its lack of shimmers while Gentlewoman won't be best option for a base.

H&M Beauty Cream Eyeshadow has a very nice creamy texture. They're smooth and easy to apply. Pigmentation is great and it blends seamlessly. I usually like to apply the eye shadow with my fingers and blend the edges using blending brush. They set pretty quick though, so it's better to blend it directly after application and do one eye at a time.

For €5,99, the H&M Beauty Cream Eyeshadows are great finds. They stay on really well , don't crease nor smudge even without eye primer. I hope H&M will expand the color selection and add more shades in the near future.

Have you tried anything from H&M beauty range? and what is your all time fave cream eye shadows?


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