Friday, 8 April 2016

Essence Matt XXL Longlasting Lip Gloss

I did a little Essence haul recently. It's been awhile since the last time I really paid attention to their display at our local drugstore. Surprisingly they came up with a lot of interesting new products, these matte lip glosses are not new though. I remember I used to like their formula in the past. So I decided to give them another try, and bought 4 shades , most of them are nudes because I wanted to give the nude matte lipstick/lipcreams a try without breaking the budget.

PS : I accidentally deleted my picture wearing Velvet Rose, it is very similar to Coral Mousse though.

Essence Matt XXL Longlasting lip gloss comes in a simple lip gloss tube packaging with a doe foot applicator. For €2,25 each, I can't complain much about the packaging. It's simple and functional. However, the doe foot applicator is a bit woobly. 

I picked up 4 colors ; Soft Nude, Velvet Rose, Coral Mousse and Silky Red. I didn't expect to like the 3 nude shades because I kinda knew they would be too pale for my complexion, but I ended up liking Soft Nude better than expected. 

Soft Nude is a peachy nude shade which surprisingly doesn't look too pale on my complexion. It doesn't make my teeth appear yellow and doesn't make my complexion looking ashy. It resembles one of my favourite nude lipstick ; Rouge Bunny Rouge in Whim of Mine a lot. Velvet Rose and Coral Mousse on the other hand, are exactly what I imagined them to be. They're both too pale , too yellow or too blue toned, and make my teeth appear yellow. Silky Red, is a safe bet though. It's a bright chilli red and also a winner out of the bunch. 

Texture wise, Essence Matt XXL lip gloss has a powdery texture. It's creamy and powdery at the same time. Soft Nude and Silky Red apply smoothly and evenly while Velvet Rose and Coral Mousse are on the patchier side. The quality is rather inconsistent and depends on the shades. Velvet Rose and Coral Mousse are patchy and set into lip lines while Silky Red and Soft Nude are smooth and don't accentuate the lip lines. All shades are kind of slippery though, and they don't completely set. So, I usually blot with tissue paper then reapply then blot again, otherwise they will move around due to their slippery texture. The finish is powdery matte, not super super dry matte like most liquid lipsticks on the market though. They all feel comfortable on the lips and don't dry up my lips badly. However, Silky Red tends to bleed and feather without lip liner and since I am not an avid fan of lip liners, it is kind of bothersome. I don't experience it with the lighter shades though.

Due to their creamy texture, they don't stay really long on the lips. I can get 3-4 hour wear with the lighter shades and ca.4-5 hour wear with the red one. 

What is your favourite matte liquid lipstick?

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