Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Tom Ford Skin Illuminating Powder Duo Moodlight

I had never had to put myself on a waiting list for anything beauty related, until this highlighter duo from Tom Ford 'forced' me to do it. 
There were rumours at the beginning that this duo supposed to be limited, so when I missed the first batch , I was so gutted and almost bought one for unreasonable mark up price. Luckily , I read from fellow bloggers that this duo is part of the standard range so I saved myself some money and decided to wait until the duo made it to the permanent range. As simple as it sounds, it was not the case at all. The only Tom Ford counter in Berlin sold the first 2 batches of the duo out within 3 days , and it was sold out online too. So, I had to put myself on a waiting list and after ca.2 months waiting, I finally got a call and was able to pick up mine. 

First of all, I was mesmerised the first time I opened the case. It is so stunning. Even more stunning in real life. I was never big on highlighter, but within the past 8-10 months, my highlighter collection has been growing so fast. I used to think highlighters would only emphasise my pores and highlight the greasy area on my face. But, I just hadn't found the right one. Once I started buying better quality highlighters and using better application technique, I just fell in love with them.

Back to Tom Ford Moodlight, the duo comes in 2 different shades. I can use both shades as highlighter. The lighter and darker shades are both great for my NC 20 complexion. If you are lighter, you might find the darker shade too dark and if you're darker , you might find the darker shade just perfect. 

The highlighters are finely milled, soft and silky to touch. However, I have to say that mine is pressed slightly too hard. I needed to scrap the surface lightly for my brush to be able to pick up the product. I have no idea whether it's the case for it in general or I just happened to get an off product. It doesn't bother me that much though because the product still works just fine.

Moodlight ( Daylight ) is a very pale gold ( almost white IMO ) with subtle sheen. It is very subtle and need to be layered for it to be visible on my complexion. 

Moodlight ( Candlelight ) is a soft rose gold shade. It is very well pigmented and richer compare to Daylight. I use this shade more often because it shows up better on my skin. It is warm and leans browner once applied. The finish is stronger but it is not harsh. 

Daylight and Candlelight apply beautifully and give my cheekbones a subtle glow, not too much, not too little. Just the right amount. The glow is youthful and so pretty I wish my skin was glowing naturally like that. xD They don't emphasise my pores and in fact, kind of blur them out. 

Both shades wore really well. I got a solid 8-9 hour wear. 
Overall, despite of the steep price tag, I don't regret the splurge as it is one excellent product. 


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