Sunday, 7 February 2016

Catrice Golden Grace

Part of my last year's resolution was to pay more attention to quality instead of quantity. I used to buy bunch of drugstore make up that ended up unused , just because they were 'cheap' and I felt less guilty splurging in bunch of drugstore make up compare to buying one or two higher end make up. I managed to stick to my last year's resolution and bought less impulsive 'cheap' make up. I rarely bought random drugstore products and only purchased what I really liked. But, sometimes drugstores do have hidden gems and this limited edition highlighter from Catrice is one good example.

First of all, look at those stars!!! Aren't they pretty? I'd buy it just because of the look anyway, but the swatch I did on the spot was pretty good as well.

Catrice Golden Grace highlighter was part of the Treasure Trove collection from Catrice. I don't really buy limited edition from drugstore anymore, but this highlighter is just too pretty to resist. Golden Grace comes in a Catrice's signature transparent case. The case is made out of plastic, but has a good weight to it. It doesn't come off cheap or flimsy. 

The highlighter has a smooth and silky texture. It is well pigmented too. As seen on swatch picture above, you can see that it looks very similar to Opal from BECCA. Golden Grace is a pretty golden champagne shade. BECCA Opal is more intense and more shimmery though. Golden Grace could be a nice tone down alternative for Opal which could be too glam for some people. I personally like Opal too especially for a night out or whenever I need to look glam up. But, Golden Grace is more versatile and 'safe' for daily use as it is not as intense as Opal.

Golden Grace applies nicely and is easy to blend. I usually apply it using a fan brush on the highest point of the cheeks, and on the cupid's bow. It is a tad powdery and dry, very different to the creamy and rich BECCA Opal. But it does its job nicely for the price class. It gives a very nice and natural glow on the skin. If you're looking for a intense highlighter, you'd like to look somewhere else as this one is really subtle.
I had a hard time to capture the glow and finish from the highlighter using my digital camera, so I used the front camera of my Iphone and hopefully you can see the finish on the picture. It is really subtle but therefore good for daily use.

For €4,99 Golden Grace is a success purchase,

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