Monday, 6 July 2015

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater

I initially wanted to get the famous Avene facial mist due to its positive reviews, but then stumbled upon this Mario Badescu one. I was sold the first time I smelt the subtle rose scent, so there it went home with me.

I didn't do any research prior buying this facial spray, but was relieved to see more of positive reviews on the internet. I have to agree with the majority as this facial spray - as useless as it might be - is kind of addictive. 

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with aloe herbs and rosewater is a refreshing facial spray with skin care benefit. According to the description, it can be used to set make up, soothe the skin or give the skin a quick refreshment. It can be used to re-hydrate dry hair as well. To me personally, I don't think it does anything in terms of setting the make up. It is definitely not Skindinivia or Urban Decay deSlick. It doesn't prolong the wear of make up. But if sprayed over freshly applied make up, it does reduce the 'powderness' of it and provides a more dewy finish. 

I like to spray it before applying make up to freshen up and give my skin extra hydration esp in the morning. It rejuvenates the skin and it reduces the appearance of redness on my cheeks. I also depoted it into a small spray bottle and carry it inside my bag for on the go touch up. By the time my foundation starts to migrate or get a bit cakey ( unfortunately unavoidable in Jakarta's hot and humid weather ), after blotting with powder, I spray this facial spray and voila my foundation looks better! It is very good to perk me up on warm days.

Above all, I love the smell! It smells subtly like fresh rose not plasticky kind of rose.

It retails for IDR 195.000 or ca $13.

Do you use facial mist/spray? What is your favorite?

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