Friday, 3 July 2015

Color Repvblic Skinny Tint Balm

Color Repvblic is a local brand from Indonesia. They sell tinted lip balm both in tin form or as chapstick. As avid fan of tinted lip balm, I was tempted to give this a try since the price is very affordable and the packaging is so cute. After reading this post from the lovely Alodita, I decided I need to have them balms ^^

I opted for 'Merry go round' and 'Red Wine' skinny tint balm labelled as their best seller shades. As much as I like the design of their tint packaging, I don't like the idea of applying it using my fingers, so I chose the chapstick version. My order came within 3 days and was packed inside a cute paper envelope. The lip balms were housed in a simple chapstick  which I like since it makes it easy to carry them around due to its small and simple packaging.

On the first swipe, I was surprised to see how pigmented they are! 'Merry go Round' is a medium raspberry pink and 'Red Wine' is a pink toned red. 

Color Repvblic Skinny Tint Balm glides on smoothly due to its balmy and emollient texture. It has the perfect consistency of lip balm without being slippery. It is hydrating and very comfortable on the lips. Due to its rather impressive pigmentation, it also stains my lips especially the darker shade ; Red Wine. You can get up to 3-4 hour wear time if you don't eat or drink a lot. But it can't get through pass meal time, which is acceptable for a lip balm.
Ah, they both smell delicious too!

I am overall happy with this purchase and actually plan to order other shades xD

You can order this through its Instagram account : @colorepvblic


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