Monday, 9 February 2015

Giorgio Armani on the nails

My encounters with Giorgio Armani cosmetics have been good so far. I like their GA Luminous Silk Foundation + powder, and their Lip Maestro lip lacquer. I haven't read or heard a lot about their nail polishes so I decided to give them a go. 

ps : please mind the chipped nails , this picture was taken one week after application

GA nail polishes come in round - slight hourglass shaped bottle. The bottles are plain with GA logo printed on the top of the cap. For the price point, I think GA could have put more effort on the packaging, don't you think so?

The polishes have wide flat brush similar to Dior Vernis brush which is really nice and make the application easier for my preference. They have no name to the shade only number which is bad for me because I always forget numbers xD. The shades I picked up were #402 and #105. 
#402 is a classic red shade. It is the kind of red all girls should have in their collection imo. It is a medium red with no orange or vampy hint. Just plain classic medium red.
#105 is a purplish grey shade. Both shades have creamy finish with no shimmer or glitters.

The quality of the polishes is great. I would say on the same league like Dior , YSL and Lancome which all belong to my favorite high end nail polishes. You get 6ml for €24,99 which makes them almost 100% more expensive compare to Dior or YSL if you divide it per ml price. Is it worth the price? Well, I do enjoy them and think they are good products. But they are not better than Dior or YSL , so if you really pay attention to the price per ml, I'd say they are not must have. The shades available are pretty dupable. I'd rather spend the same amount for Dior or YSL and get double amount of product even though I have never used up a bottle of nail polish yet xD

So, overall I am happy to have them in my nail polish collection but I don't think I'd buy another shades very soon :D


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